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    Daniel Shafrir

    Engineer bent on making science fiction into just science.

  • Current Projects

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    Uber ATG

    Self-driving Cars

    Mechanical desiGn and analysis

  • Past Projects

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    Self Driving Trucks

    Mechanical dEsign and analysis

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    Tube Development

    Mechanical design and analysis

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    Mechanical design of camera system

  • Tube Development

    Hyperloop Technologies

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    Design and Analysis

    Development Engineer

    Owned Tube Deformer machine- Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for all parts and assemblies. Oversaw manufacturing and testing.

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    Automated Welding

    Development Engineer

    Performed trade study to justify choices between manual welding, robotic welding, and orbital welding, along with different combinations of processes thereof.

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    Material Optimization

    Development Engineer

    Designed and tested a proprietary method of optimizing steel geometry for maximum performance/price.

  • Andy Lunar Rover

    Carnegie Mellon University and Astrobotic

    Radiation Testing


    Radiation Lead


    Proposed, designed, and performed radiation exposure experiments to simulate exposure dose on the moon over the length of our mission in order to minimize mission risk.

    Jonathan Ive

    VR Team



    Led a project to create a revolutionary demo where you can see through Andy's cameras in an Oculus rift, complete with head tracking. When the user moves his head, Andy moves his as well.

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    Camera Mount Engineer


    Built the power system for the rotating stereoscopic camera head. Modified the camera head gears to make the turning experience measurably smoother and safer.

  • One giant leap

    Lunar Rover Virtual Reality Experience

  • About

    Daniel is an Israeli-American engineer. He specializes in mechanical design and analysis of novel machines.


    After graduating with a double major in Materials Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, he worked under Red Whittaker on Astrobotic/Carnegie Mellon's lunar rover while pursuing his Master's degree. He designed large custom machinery for Hyperloop Technologies in Los Angeles. He then designed mechanical systems for self driving trucks at Otto, which was acquired by Uber in 2016.

  • Contact

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    Here's a webform. Or email dshafrir@gmail.com.